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안드레아 메디나


(1) What is the original source and genre? And, why did you choose that?

The original source is an old japanese animation, called Candy Candy. This is my mom’s favorite animation from when she was a little girl growing up in mexico, and we also watched it together when I was little. I really love the story and it is a nostalgic show for me. 

(2) What parts you want to recreate and why?

I think writing about the main character going to college in London would be fun. It is setting is similar to my life now, being in college, but it is set in the past and abroad. Or I also think it would be fun to write about when she is a little girl living in the U.S.

(3) What is the main theme? 

The main theme of the story is about Candy, the main character, and her life growing up with her friends and adopted family. Since the story is historical fiction, my story will probably be about her everyday life, or time spent with her family and friends.

(4) As a fanfic writer, what are you concerned about and what are you excited about?

I think it will be exciting to create my own story, but it will be the first time I write a story like this. Especially since I am writing it in Korean, I think it might be difficult to express the story and write it well.

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One thought on “Intro Post”

  1. 안드레아 작가님,
    저도 캔디 만화 너무 좋아해요.
    1980년대 중, 후반이었던 것 같은 정말 인기가 많았답니다.
    남자 주인공은 테리(우스) 맞죠?
    제 친구들은 대부분 테리를 좋아했는데, 저는 안소니를 더 좋아했어요…^^
    정말 어떤 이야기가 될지 기대가 됩니다, 화이팅~~~

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