Fan Fiction Outline

The original source will be the Korean drama Reply 1988. I want to rewrite the ending so that Duk-seon and Jung-hwan end up together. My main theme will be the romance between them and the friendship between them and the other main characters. I’m excited about rewriting the ending to be what I wanted but I am worried my Korean skills are not good enough to convey what I want.

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One thought on “Fan Fiction Outline”

  1. 아~~~~ 응답하라 1988~~~~~
    저의 완소 (완전 소중한) 드라마예요!!!
    저는 박보검이 남편이 되어서 너무 충격이었는데…
    우리 말라비카 작가님은 어떻게 쓸지 정말 기대가 됩니다!

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